It has been my distinct honor and blessing to have been asked to sing for many of my family’s and friend’s weddings. There isn’t a more beautiful privilege than to be waiting in the wings, up in the balcony or right up front singing a sacred piece or love song for a Bride and Groom. Even the wedding gigs where I was just the “hired gun” singer, without relationship with the couple, have been of some my very, very favorite and memorable musical moments. A few couples even chose one of my original tunes, which was beyond gift and favor.

This 2020 spring/summer wedding season has been trampled on by a pandemic and all of the uncertainty of large gatherings. Although I was not impacted musically, I have been impacted personally with the postponement and rearrangement of a few major planned celebrations. While going through some covers in the archive, I ran into a recording Alan and I did for a wedding some years ago. It just hit me how hard cancelling your big day would be for anyone. It is with a heart full of incredible memories of singing my heart out for so many beautiful couples… I invite you to listen to a wedding cover duet performed by Alan Kerbey and myself, the massive hit “From This Moment” written and performed by Shania Twain 1991.

The magic you are about to hear is the outstanding harmony sing from Alan. Enjoy… all lovers wherever you are.