Think about all of the challenges that you have faced, watched family and friends go though, and humanity endure. We look back to youth and for a fleeting instance it seems like it was lighter and more in our own control. Age carries with it the wisdom, if we choose to receive it, a universal struggle that often has the last say in our lives. The final say about who we’ve been, who we are and what we leave behind.

This song came from a phone chat with a friend about the universal struggle and how it impacts our lives. There isn’t a notable back story to this lyric, just after-thoughts from a discussion.  When I recorded the first scratch sing-through and was listening in my “car studio”, I began to hear another story line, one of the beauty of our loved ones who help us “keep it together” through it all. Now out of production, I have come to think of this one as an adult lullaby. Another Delorean/Kerbey 2020 composition with a interesting choice of instrumentation, Concertina and Vibraphone.

As I penned the final lines, it occurred to me that as far back as I can remember, my Grandparents put me down for the night with a simple little prayer that has come to me like a warm hand stroking my hair, and a soft voice speaking words of comfort; a dear friend in the struggle. The struggle is real.