We are in the studio with producer Rodney Trotter finishing up the Run and Hide track for the Full Moon EP. Producer and artists feeling really satisfied with the tune’s energy, yet unsure what to do about an ending. That’s when the Genie is let out of the bottle and everyone is just throwing out ideas, and the crowd-sourcing renders a solution. A crowd was exactly the idea.

We would end the tune as if it was a live performance and the singer (Moi) was leaving stage without the intention of another encore. Havoc begins to ensue as fans, managers, and roadies all start shouting for the singer to get back to work. I thought it added a fun twist to a very straight forward tune and sprinkled personality over what would be the first release from the EP. Of course, for the session, it was the fun which was always welcomed at the end of a long recording stretch. I am still unsure today whether most listeners get the fun quite as much as we did. Have a listen to studio fun!

Run and Hide 1987 End of track "snippet"

by Delorean/Kerbey