There is this great scene in the movie, Jerry McGuire (every scene is great in Jerry McGuire), where Jerry talks about being at his best (recruiting) in the living room of a prospective client – intimate settings.  My first prospective client-audience-Jerry McGuire moment was with 20 female classmates in my 8th grade locker room (doesn’t get any more intimate than that) after a team volleyball match.

I was new to the school, leaving behind all of my childhood pals of 8 years, and no one knew a thing about me.  As I mentioned in my mem-post (memoir post) “The Blame”, at this place in my life I had already thrown out most other extra curricular pursuits (volleyball and softball aside) for a singular devotion to rock and roll music.  A new school friend who had heard me sing announced in the locker room that I could sing “Piece of My Heart”.  All eyes now turned my way and doubting ears were at attention.  I jumped up on the bench (stage), got out my air microphone, and let it rip.  Bold, yes…seize the opportunity, yes!  I mean the year is 1969 and Janis Joplin had just opened the door – in fact, blown the doors off – with her cover of the Erma Franklin (older sister of Aretha) original rendition of “Piece of My Heart”.  It had to be done…I was ready for clients…an audience.

This moment is tattooed on my musical heart, as it is the exact moment I knew I was willing to put  myself out there artistically – like Joplin boldly putting herself out there – releasing  her take on a Franklin family gospel great…my “spontaneous Joplin”.

Enjoy a listen from my iTunes library.