It was the 90’s, and Alan had moved on and away from considering a performing career. Like the rest of us, if the right offer would have presented itself…well. This time the idea was to develop a promotional package around me as a singer/songwriter, with Alan as my co-write collaborator.

I was on the East coast now and began the process of long distance songwriting and eventually internet collaborating file to file.  Before leaving the West, I had written one new tune, reworked one that had been in the works for a year or two, and resurrected one from my first writing period.  I worked them up with Alan and decided to give them a hint of country.  At that time in the charts, most of the female artists making the big bucks were singing the emerging new country genres.

debye polka dot02062014_0001

This was an image change for me professionally, yet it was a much closer fit to my own personal style.  It was a great fresh start.