The Green Boa Sisters (in post performance glow) – L to R – Dee, Susan, Cindy, Kathy, Marilyn, Moi, and (the how did I get roped into this?)…Dianna

This is one of our favorite stories to relive (MK, Dianna and I).  After we moved to the East coast and got all the family settled (insert giggle), I went back to work part time, one of my favorite real jobs ever, for a locally-owned company, Settles Glass. What was so fun about this work was that it involved public relations in the insurance industry, undertaken primarily by women – they had associations and they liked to party.

Another great part of the job was working for/with a woman, my boss, Marilyn Mayzer.  She was a mother of 4 daughters and, without me realizing it at the time, had the most wonderful way of managing women.  I hope when she looks back on her years with Settles, I am one of her favorite trouble makers.

Marilyn had assembled a group of saleswomen to cover all of Massachusetts and, once or twice a year, the MAIW would sponsor a statewide event and all of the Settles reps would attend.  As part of the vendor network, companies would scramble for the opportunity to make significant contributions to these big meetings.  Word was out that Saturday night’s agenda would feature musical performances by impersonators – Elvis & Patsy Cline  is what I remember, and one of our competitors was footing the entertainment bill. What were we going to do?

The year was 1994, and the big Annie Lenox hit “Walking on Broken Glass” had been hanging around the radio rotation for sometime.  Everyone knows this one!   From my music library.

On a long drive out to see clients while listening to the Diva CD, it just hit me – “It feels just like I’m working on Broken Glass” – forgive me, Annie.  After convincing Marilyn, if I was given rehearsal time with the gals, they could lip sync backing vocals and I would sing live to a track. There would be lite choreography and syncing of backing tracks…Little did the sisters know I had a James Cameron, Francis Ford C and Oliver Stone fury in my rehearsal method. I was no longer their co-worker, I was their director!

Here is the part of the story that lives on in the Hallmark of performance amusement. The night of the big show, back stage while waiting for Elvis to make it through the Vegas years, the Boa Sisters were falling apart – “I can’t do this…I won’t remember my moves…I think I’m going to hurl” – after threats and glares …out we emerge…to the immediate amusement of our clients…dressed in black and Settles green boa’s…the track starts…everyone on cue…the floor show was on…applause…applause…applause.

The next thing I know, the Boa Sisters are posing for photo ops, taking interviews and signing autographs, full blown MAIW celebrities. There is film footage out there somewhere, I hope to find it soon.

I moved away shortly after that and have had only Dianna and MK to share this with until now. Take away…the moment you realize no matter what else you may endeavor-for profit or pleasure-there is always a music performance ahead!