This song has “legs”! Originally purposed to be used exclusively for aerobics legs in a workout collection, this was what Alan was working on when we were introduced. I played him my stuff, mostly the jingle stuff, and he played me a few instrumentals from this piece. It was to be the jumping-off place for a long writing collaboration.

As Alan was leaving from our first meet and greet, I asked him if I could write some lyrics to the first track he played for me. I really loved the melody and immediately heard a “sing”.  I wrote the lyrics straight out, being pulled directly from recent mindset. Everything about writing with this incredible writer/musician said…run! I think Alan was a bit surprised that I called him back on it within the week and he agreed I would stop by, meet the fam, and have a run at the lyrics in his home studio! And so it goes.


Below are two samplings of this song, Take One. First track is the instrumental as it was played to me at Alan’s and mine first meet up. The second track is the first demo with my vocal and lyrics. Pure 80’s bliss…Turn it Up!

About 10+ years later, back in Arizona...“Run and Hide” Take Two

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