About 10+ years later, back in Arizona.

My oldest son was visiting during a college break and was just going on and on about how “Run and Hide” should be re-purposed with a techno beat. On the heels of Cher’s big fat smash “Believe”, I knew where he was going with it. I resolved that under the right circumstances, both financially and professionally, I would try to make that happen, if for no other reason than to follow Aynsley’s exceptional musical instincts. I never stopped thinking about it. And I started listening to techno music, which was quickly evolving from 80’s EDM (electronic dance music), rave, house, trance, dub, trip hop…

This is the fork in the road that led to another good fortune, which was working with two great producers. Rodney Trotter 1987 and Matt Pendergast 2012. It is always about the producer; just ask John, Paul, George and Ringo. This post is written to follow the journey of this tune. You will find a deeper story about the producers mentioned here… coming soon.

The final mix of the Delorean 1987 EP Full Moon was produced by Rodney Trotter in LA. The Run and Hide track is considered the final as well and the version you will find in the Music Store. The versions offered for a listen below couldn’t be anymore different and still be the same tune. I love them both for the time stamp signature sounds and creative departure from the original aerobics track.

Turn it up… Enjoy!

Run and Hide-Produced by Rodney Trotter 1987

by Delorean/Kerbey

Run and Hide-Produced by Matt Pendergast 2012

by Delorean/Kerbey