peggy and I promo crop04252014Another thing that Peggy “Murph” Murphy and I shared was a love of media and photo shoots. We both had  a spirit for doing something fun and super nutty, with the possible outcome that it could be really cool. The best part was that the determination of the cool was, truly, at our own discretion.

At this point in both of our careers we were our own artist love us or not. This was a promotional shot we did for a talk show (again ahead of its time, like XM now) on local radio station Kstorm, where we had an hour with DJ Dennis McBroom and we played our favorites tunes and had discussion around them with McBroom. It was way fun. I hope I come across that tape so I can share it!

I thought I had lost this photo treasure of mine, but it surprised me and showed up in another box of archive stuff. At Peggy’s 50th birthday party, someone had a nice blown up poster of this pic made…someone?