This goes back to the beginning of my writing collaboration with Alan Kerbey 1986. If you read the post I devoted to him, you will know that when we first met and shared our work, he was wrapping up some instrumental pieces for an Aerobics workout recording. Two of the tracks “spoke” to me in lyrics and vocal arrangement, Run and Hide and this track Postcard from Australia.

Postcard from Australia is about a break up and accepting that the “breakup-ee” has moved on with his/her life. That sometimes even though you might have tried a bit harder to keep things together, you let it go. This song is one that has a lot of possible interpretations. You choose.

80’s SOUND ALERT…Now I have to insert a Fervor Records shout out…Shout out to David Hilker and Co for establishing and creating a record company that markets original sounds of specific time periods. Like the sound of this late 80’s track. As technology advanced in the field of music, along with everything else, specific sounds of instruments and new sounds at the time were the “glitter” throughout every emerging track. The glorious and nutty cutting edge that is 80’s music!