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There are several posts in this archive dedicated to Peggy "Murph" Murphy and her various music projects...and for good reason.
It was the 90's, and Alan had moved on and away from considering a performing career. Like the rest of
When I began performing as Debye Delorean, the MTV fashion 'tudes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Heart and others were so
This piece of memorabilia has been in my treasure chest for quite some time. Dana didn't even remember that it

More pics

Delorean 1986.

Studio Vocal Session 1987

(Every) Christmas in New York Vocal Session. Images and Film 2012 DLM Photography

Georgia Sessions Mark, Moi, Russell

Studio Session Love Songs For The Bride 2011

Singer/Songwriter Photo Shoot 1991

Georgia Sessions 1990 Mark Prentice, Chris, Georgia, Allen Moore

Concert Party Band 2018 Rehearsal

Denny and I-a toast

The Imports Live

Voices Promo 1999

Covergirls Live

DLM Shoot 2013

The Imports-CraigHenkle Photo

Porchfest 2010 DLM Photography

Photo Shoot DLMShots

Delorean John Hall Photo Session Set up Shot 1987

Halloween Gig-Delorean East 1994