Every occasion deserves a song! If it was only that easy. I wanted to have a big concert party for our 25th, but we were still back East and half of the people we would invite were in Az and California. So we had a wonderful road trip adventure instead. We went to our favorite small town, stayed at our favorite spa hotel, had dinner at our favorite small town restaurant and had a beautiful cake-complete with vintage bride and groom topper-made for the occasion from our favorite small town bakery.

I knew I wanted to write about 25 years, as a upbeat celebration with big singing, (and with a nod to my big love for all things Luther V). Of all of my lyrical life stories, this song needed to feel as happy as I felt. I collaborated on the tune with Alan long distance, and laid down the vocal tracks with Eric Kilburn of Well Spring Studios in Acton, Ma…recording under the radar. Eric turned me on to this incredible saxophonist who recorded his tracks at his home studio. We never met.

It was a total surprise to McFall. I gave him Irish wedding blessing cuff links and another love song. Released in Sept 2013. Enjoy!