The story of most band founders & organizers is quite similar. Find a great group of talented players, rehearse, build a signature sound and despite creative differences, growth, and Life 101; stay together forever. When I stepped out to put my own band together most of the big fish talents in the little pond of Phoenix had jumped the state line over to LA. It was the smart thing to do if you wanted to play with the real big fish. The Year was 1981, after recording my first originals I began the process of banding. The posts in this section are devoted to the incredible musicians I have had, and continue to have, the opportunity to work with. It’s one thing to have a band and another thing to make it all happen. All of the crew, photographers, designers, engineers and muses are the foundation that makes the creative happen, please read those stories in aux.

 My Life and Music 101 have mostly taken me from Phoenix – LA – Boston, and West to East on several stints. Please help me celebrate these players by enjoying the images and footnotes. Welcome and thank you for being my guest. Debye