In 1984 when The Imports were out there, my son, Aynsley, was 7 and just in 1st grade. It was always tricky timing the bus pick up at noon, especially if I had gigged the night before.  I would get home around 2am, sleep for a couple hours, get up and get him off to school.  When my 1 year old daughter would take her early morning nap (thankfully, she was a good long napper), I would catch a couple more hours and then get to the 12:30 pm bus pick up. Well, with a little imagination, you can speculate as to what I might have looked like on 4 broken hours sleep, 80’s rock hair/head, and very dark sunglasses.

Imports from Dana scan1102202014Here is a very faded pic from bassist Dana Wilcox’s collection to help you with the imagined visual. On one such afternoon picking my son up from the bus, one of the “regular” moms came over to me and said, “So, are you Joan Jett?”  My first reaction was:  “Did I forget to change out of my stage clothes?” …Well no, I’m Debye, Aynsley’s mom.  It turns out that a few of Aynsley’s bus mates had asked him what his mom did and he told them I was a singer, like Joan Jett.  Poor guy has been fielding questions about me like that for 36 years now.

When I talk about the hard rock days, this is one of my very favorite stories to recall – from the mouth of babes…my babes! And as far as Ms. Jett, she looks better than ever and is still rockin’!  She don’t give a damn about her “bad reputation”…I feel you, Joan!