Song Obsession is a condition which I have suffered from as long as I can remember. I experience this syndrome a couple of ways. One way is that you hear a song for the first time and want to take it in on a cellular level, and allow the audible to become visceral. Another symptom of the condition is when a song is the ultimate expression i.e., the words you needed to find but couldn’t, acting as a healing balm for what ails you. Message to my Girl by The Split Enz… the simple brilliant love song written by Neil Finn circa 1984 is one of those tunes for me.

The first time I heard it, I knew it was exactly the expression of my heart and the hope that one day I would want to express my feelings exactly that way. So when I was working on “Covers” sessions I chose to make a very stripped back Piano-Vocal track of this song and rework the lyric “Message to My Girl” to “Message From your Girl” to give it another voice. The full production 80’s Split Enz recording of this song is magical. Check it out on YouTube…give into the obsession. Alan Kerbey on piano…enjoy our take. Turn it up!

Message To My Girl

by Neil Finn Released 1984 by Split Enz from the album "Conflicting Emotions" Cover by Delorean/ Kerbey