Ripped from the front page of my love life… quite some time ago, thankfully. True confessions ladies, right here, right now; we’ve all known this one! A blessing and a curse, which I have come to consider a “Good Luck Charm” in preparation for the true one who was around the corner. I had two of these scoundrels in a row in my life and each, in their own way, charmed, tormented, and taught me a few lessons in Love!

Ok. What’s with the image of Sam Shepard? This song’s cinematic allegory and swagger is all about his magnetic essence and tantalizing sex appeal. I wrote this song in a 2019 minute, after a best friend chat about our own charming scoundrels from back in the day. As I began crafting new and past tunes into video format, I knew that this one would rightfully star the Actor and Pultizer Prize-winning playright Sam Shepard as the love interest. Sam left us in 2017, but his substance remains. I am not certain if it was his role as Chuck Yeager in “The Right Stuff” or Patti Smith’s characterization of him having “Cowboy Mouth”, but handsome Sam is the star of my story, in homage to his compelling, rugged spirit. Let’s call it my private Directors Cut!

Musically, it’s an all-star cast on this one. Alan Kerbey on rythm guitar, drums, programming, production and COWBELL. Remote guitar lead and bass lines from Eric Svenonious, who was the original The Imports bass player and for years now a San Diego musician. I never thought that Eric and I would be working together again 40 years later, and to have him remotely create in his own studio as well has been a gift. Now if we can just have a live show with all of this new stuff! Wait just a minute, who are the backing vocal chics killing it… of course, the fabulous Peggy and the Murphs, a one woman choir showdown. Peggy and hubby, Mr. Timothy Payne, recorded in their home studio (in the age of remote) and delivered the girl-swoon vocals to AWK studios for a final mix down. I was already back in Boston in September 2020. Thank you all for your input on this little ditty. What a blessing to work with talents that deliver.

Hey, back to bolo tie style and cheap cologne wearing scoundrels… if yours hasn’t shown up yet, keep an eye out for him, he will show up when least expected. Enjoy this 2020 studio cut. Turn in up!

Make Up Time

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