Photo by DLMshots

LSFB1A demo package Debbie Gruber and I performed as CGM to promote weddings and special events. The promo consisted of a few songs in appetizer form, recorded and produced with Jon Bellini. I had been singing “The Lord’s Prayer” the same way I learned it in the Baptist church  as I was growing up. When Debbie G and I decided to do this side project, I wanted a fresh take on this timeless sacred tune, and this is a good one. I had the distinct honor of singing this arrangement, a capella, at the Wedding of Bill and Terry Selner.

A few years ago, when my beloved Eva was at the end of her long life, I knew that more than likely I would not make it back to town to see her. I have been singing for her and her family since we met 40 plus years ago. Remembering that I had this recording, I went straight to the post office and sent it to her next day.  When she called to thank me for the song, it was the last time I would ever speak to her. Between us, it is fitting that we said goodbye with a song.