One of the other true blessings from the concert Party 2018, was the chance to do a tune with James Alan Cook. He and wife Caroline made a road trip from Northern CA to be at the soiree’ and perform a tune with me. I chose the Rod Stewart arrangement of the incredible Dylan tune, “Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time”, another tune that nails my own feelings about being apart from the one you love. 💕
Jaime killed it and we had fun rehearsing. Aside from a lucrative law practice, Jaime maintains a music studio in his office space in downtown Palo Alto. He has been in involved in several professional “well known” names’ music careers as well as with daughter, Vivian Cook.

The big fans that were keeping the air moving at that very warm evening party took out the live audio of our performance. So I offer here a listen to the great Rod Stewart Cover 1971 that Jaime and I played together. Have a listen and please check out the Vivian Cook video from 2017 for her song “More”.

Turn them both up!

Tomorrow is Such A Long Time

by Rod Stewart | Every Picture Tells A Story