Imports 2

This was the first line up that emerged from the garage after several months of auditioning and rehearsing:  Eric Svenonious  – Bass, Lee Benson – Guitar, Keith Rosenbaum – Drums, and moi! This is still one of my favorite band pics; at the time the sepia finish was very fashion forward. In photos & pages to come, you will see that the local competition for the hard rock style which we were playing had a very different look for the promotion imagery.  It was in the planning for this photo shoot that I ran straight up against the reality… that I can’t take the me out of me. The world was just going to have to accept that a 26 year old single mother of two could, and did, rock hard… without the 80’s-hair-band look!  Thankfully, neither were Ms. Pat Benetar, Ms. Patty Smyth (Scandal), and Ms. Martha Davis (The Motels) bowing down exclusively to the leather and studs either!