This song comes from a variety of places…don’t they all really. About two years before writing this one I had seen for the first time the movie that would become my favorite movie of all time-so far that is-Out of Africa.
Finally a Wizard of Oz contender.

Aside from being taken by the incredible love story experienced and penned as memoir by the author, the evocative terrain and time period, it was the melodic expression of all of it singularly captured with soaring John Barry compositions, that transformed me musically.
Going forward my private love life had a soundtrack. This is not to say that other movies/love songs hadn’t moved me, but now I was a woman who had loved and lost, Out of Africa wrapped it all up for me.

Then there was the break up, which aside from all of the sadness, left me with a very keen sense that having two loves the stage and a lover wasn’t always going to fuse into…happily ever after, which was always my goal!

Simply said, simply sung. You are thinking…Ok lets hear it. Another Kerbey home studio recording circa 1987. Push play!