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Leslie Montenegro Saigh
Thank you for welcoming me in to your energy. You are a women’s women, I do appreciate women helping each other. Your music and the way you show up for people is a true testament to your Vision for all of us.
What a beautiful site! It really carries the right vibe for you. Good fortune to you!
Hey Debye, What an incredible site you've put together here! As I mentioned in our emails recently, I reflect fondly on the DDI days often! We really had an exceptional rock band! You mentioned opposing forces in our original line-up. In my opinion, if you have a four piece band, with three instruments (non-vocal), a certain amount of dissonants adds to the sound, feel and dynamics of the act. I was lucky to have fallen in with such a great group of musicians! Despite any tension we may have had, I wouldn't trade those times for anything! I proudly tell my friends that DDI was one the top bands in the Phoenix Music Scene... I promise I will scan and send you all of the items from my DDI scrap book. Again, awesome work on this site and it is great to hear from you after all these years!
Eric...Thank you for answering the question I put out there to you in the ES post. I will anxiously await the DDI items. Until then, thank you again for being apart of debye delorean archived!
Question for you Debye. When is the DDI West reunion show going to happen?
Nice start! Great memories and I look forward to watching this site fill out... I don't get to play as much these days and I'm down to only 20 guitars. Looking forward to performing with you again some day...
Debye, Mazel Tov on your incredible new adventure! I am so moved by your online 'story' - I had no idea you had this experience at Sea Gulls' Nest! I love your writing style, and moreover, your passion for life. Love, Scott
Congratulations Debye. Leon Russell is also a huge influence of mine as well. And his "Stranger in a Strange Land" is one of my favorites. It happens to be the translation of my Hebrew Name "Gershon". Looking forward to hearing more from you! Love, Darren
Debye - thank you so much for the wonderful memories. Through all the hard work and accomplishments working for Settles Glass, we certainly knew how to have a good time and enjoy our work day. Congratulations on your great website.
The photos! I can't believe the photos! I want MORE photos! It's funny I know you at a completely different stage in your life and even though we've talked a little about these times - even though I've seen the closet! - I am still surprised and in awe. You are so, so cool. Thanks for sharing your life with us. This is a great archive and a great inspiration.
Debye, What a beautiful story about our family and Sea Gulls' Nest. It was very touching. Sharing special times together and enjoying your beautiful voice is the best gift of all. Much Love, Tina
Hi Debye, I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is. I am very touched reading about myself and your dedication to Barbara Jean. It all brought tears to my eyes. Music was and is our common bond, Keith
Hi Debye, So great to see your recent works up with the new site revamp. Good things are here!