The year is 1990. My go to backing vocalist, Georgia E, asked me to produce her own EP. She was considering going the “New Country” route. I persuaded her at that time to try it as I felt her voice lended itself to the sound and she had the right look to work with… and it was a vibrant music market for emerging female artisits. I reworked a couple of the “left overs” with Alan and one of the very first tunes I wrote from the 1981 sessions, “Pullin Punches”,  for Georgia to record.

It was at this time that I had the extremely good fortune to work with producer Mark Prentice to develop a new style for these tunes. Mark P was reccomended to me by Allen Moore, with whom I had recorded several sessions with at his studio Cereus Recording. MP provided the talented support players and added his own piano, guitar and vocal stylings to the 3 tracks that were produced. This extremely talented man was just about to make his jump to Nashville.

It was also the first time I was co-producing another artist, I had realized in those sessions that I have always co-produced my own tracks. And with a special nod here to Keith for taking me into every studio session he could get me into, when I wasn’t singing, so I was able to learn, learn, learn how to record. And another nod to Alan Kerbey for teaching me the fine art of arrangement and taking a tune from rough to polish. I was ready, willing, and able to take on this new aproach and work with Georgia.

In the DD archive I present two of the 3 tunes with my vocal track; here I invite you to listen to Georgia’s vocal track of the Delorean/Kerbey tune “Pullin Punches”. This time it is me backing her up! Enjoy the twang. Turn it up!