Georgia, the youngest daughter of my dear friend and like-a-mother Eva Estrate. I went to school with her older sister Kathy and we became very good friends after high school. I worked with her mother for 3 years… funny how things all come around in a life time. Eva was one of my biggest fans and told me that her younger daughter had a nice voice and asked me if I would work with her on her singing. I have never considered myself a teacher of voice, especially after having trained with real professionals in the past.

More out of friendship and fun, I would have sing fests, basically “here’s how I do it” sessions with Georgia during those years. What ended up happening in the course of family sing fun, was Georgia could sing with me with a sure and steady pace and she anticipated where I would go. I studied with a NY Metropolitan Opera singer during The Imports years and bumped my comfortable singing range up an octave. By the time the Delorean Full Moon EP recording was at hand, Georgia and I were strong complimentary harmony partners.

I met with Eva to find out what Georgia was up to at the time and she joined the project. She is on backing vocals for Boyfriends Best Friend and Full Moon. She also was with us on stage for our Atlantic records showcase. Just before I moved to Boston 1990, Georgia asked me to help her produce her own EP. That is another story.