I remember a music critic once commented that Joni Mitchell lost her ability to write good songs after she was happily married and became a mother, suggesting that contentment isn’t the gold where great music is mined.  Well, there is an argument for open wounds, broken pieces, and sleepless nights…which is exactly where the tune “Full Moon” came from, a restless night’s walk out into the courtyard, wondering what in the world was going to happen next, and becoming aware, for the first time in a long time, that another month of  immobilization had come and gone.

My roommate at the time, a guy I had known most of my life, heard me up and knew, with my state of mind, that I could use some company. This was/is a man who has one of the quickest and most brutally funny grasps on everyday/everything.  After several hours of sitting in lawn chairs, wrapped in blankets, laughing, crying, reminding each other how minor our problems were compared to 99.9% of other’s problems…repeating the whole process a few times, I got to sleep just as the sun was coming up. That next night, staring out at the moon again, “Full Moon” came into being. Thank you Paul.

“Full Moon”  is the title track of the EP we recorded in LA at a Melrose Ave studio, with industry producers. An outstanding production, worthy of a headphone listen! Turn it up…Enjoy!