A song written in 1987, and given a visual by co-writer Alan Kerbey. Ever since writing this tune, and every month the full moon appears, I sing the line and consider that another 390 months with their moons have gone by… my how the time flies! Working with short film clips is such a interesting exploration into storytelling. Especially in the abstract. The lyrics of Full Mooon follow a day into night into day climb out of being stuck into “what’s done is done… time to move on”. When I watched Alan’s little film the first time, I just giggled. Giggled in childlike enjoyment of watching my story come to life through someones else’s tableau. You may not giggle, as the subject matter is quite introspective, but hopefully you’ll have a second watch and enjoy the song as told in this tiny tale. Thank you to Alan, you are the best collborator a girl could ever have hoped for.