The journey of art is often described as being a lonely path.  For me, I am always surrounded by others who allow me to bring my passions into their lives.  These people who are closest to my heart, inspire, challenge and feed my spirit.  I am blessed to call them my children:  Aynsley, McCartney, and Lander.

Recently, we had an evening together that started with a Prince tune.  The dance party and DJ spins went on and on, even the babies joined in.  Each one of you is a master of music performance and appreciation…this is our gift to each other.

I married my manager! For all of the times I would suggest that a particular diva’s success was because of who she was cavorting around with…look what I went and did.

What do you say to your best fan…the one who never lets you forget who and what you are.  Thank you, and I Love you, McFall.