Emerging from the “garage months”, this was the line up that made the first public promotional package. The photo session was at the hands of amateur photographer and good friend Craig Henkle. I had met him through a “day job” opportunity, and he became a big part of our party scene, which for several years involved going out to see Keith’s various bands. Now that the band had a name and a full 3 set playlist, it was time for a look and all of the marketing that goes with it, to get the book!

It was difficult to put a look to this group, youth and experience juxtaposed in four individuals. So we just went with the head shot, knowing that Keith had enough exotic rock style to carry it for all of us. Sepia was to 1980’s images what filters are to digital, so the image had trend. This still stands as one of my favorite band shots ever!

I wish I knew where CH was these days, he was a remarkable friend that got lost in all of my transitions.