The Covergirls experience was a really good one for me. I listened and absorbed an entire “new to me” body of work; The American Songbook. For the first time in a very long time it was about brushing off & shining up my vocal chops, instead of songwriting. Debbie and I worked obsessively to create new arrangments of songs that had been in jazz circles for many years that we would perform as a piano & vocal duet. Debbie Gruber was the perfect partner for this endeavor. She had a strong music education background, and was a piano & vocal teacher herself, sang lead, and was one of the best harmonizers with whom I have ever had the honor to sing. Singing with her upped my game dramatically.

Somewhere along the way in my archive writing, I must have said at least 5 times that using the name Cover Girls had a variety of repercussions unknown to us at the time. What seemed an innocent and simple approach to a catchy performance name, Girls that do Covers,  The Covergirls became a social media mistake. Google Covergirls and you will find out. Here I offer one of the demos put together strickly for our piano bar & club promo package. Another recording condition of this demo was to sing together on one mic to capture the same performance that we would be giving in a our live show. Enjoy.


Since I Fell/If I Fell Demo

by Debye Delorean with Debbie Gruber