I have an infamous closet, for a variety of reasons – primarily, because I have day weekday clothes, weekend hang out clothes, fancy clothes, vintage clothes, and tailored stage clothes, and I can’t part with any of them. When I began performing 5 nights a week, I just felt that the audience, many of whom were coming to see us frequently, deserved to see me in something other than the same garb over and over, no matter how great I thought the outfit was.

I began thrift store shopping, scouring for vintage, and having unique pieces made combining finds and fabric seconds. During the stretch with Delorean – West, I designed looks and had quite a few outfits made for me. It was convenient that I had my “never repeat a look rule” as I love dressing up. One day while standing in my closet, a friend accused me of never intending to wear 80% of what I had in my closet.  She said I just wanted to admire the look and feel…like closet fashion art. Well maybe.

Polka dot dress and matching hat wrap by Becky Rawls.