Photo by Dianna Manley

Famous Last Words… oh, how they leave their mark on the psyche. In the broadest of pictures, this is the context for this tune. A goodbye “tag line” said to a close friend of 40 plus years that has taken on a life of its own. My inner circle, who knows the “inner story”, have been waiting for me to pen and sing this one for a very long time. I started to work out the melody for the piece about 2 years ago and finally, with creative time versus on-the-clock studio time, I was able to explore the vibe, energy and force of the spoken words. It finally came together in a “Led Zepplin-esq” themed track. This is a benevolent nod to a lifetime of musical inspiration.

Let’s talk Zep here for a minute. I was standing in my friend’s house with her older brother, band mates, when they dropped the needle down on Side One Track One and my surging rock heart burst into being with Good Times, Bad Times. “Everything changed” is all I can fully recount. So when my mind finally heard how to musically convey “Carry A Torch”, my open and experimental minded co-writer/partner Alan said, “go for it, follow the muse.” Here we are.

My music is not made without creative input from others, all for whom “I Carry a Torch”. This song came into being as another writing adventure with collaborator Alan Kerbey. I am grateful to the contributors on this piece; Alan for co-writing, instrumentation, engineering, and producing, Michael Sanford for the elegant 12 string and electric guitar work, and Keith Rosenbaum for drum consult. For the most part, this tune was crafted remotely, other than my vocal tracks and co-producing at Alan’s studio in Phoenix.

Technology is a wonderful thing! Enjoy.