There are several posts in this archive dedicated to Peggy “Murph” Murphy and her various music projects…and for good reason. This woman had a massive impact on me, both professionally and personally. Blue Shoes was the first band I saw her perform in, and over the years she and her husband, DR, took fans along on their journey with what is known today as “Hang Outs” and lots of great promotional stuff. They were ahead of the times in Arizona for sure.

Peggy would speak with and be interviewed by anyone. She was articulate, interesting and engaging…that is to say friendly.  She had the “George Clooney” air about her…she treated everyone one from major label artists she was opening for (like David Byrne, for example) to first-timers in her audience with equal access and openness.

blue shoes lapel pin04292014I wear my lapel pins, with “go ahead and ask me” haughtiness to this day, on an old beat down jean jacket!