My audience cuts a wide path across time and place…it would make an interesting map…hmmm.

I wish I could remember every name, face, and performance we spent together. There are/were moments that couldn’t be surgically removed from memory, with gratuitous audience participation and unscripted magic, coupled with plenty of unforgotten times when it was just us (the band) against everyone else. We/I have been gifted, had parties thrown for me, paintings, jewelry, dinners, drinks – so much generosity.

In the recent performance years, so many wonderful friends came out, gig after gig, to listen and be a part of an often very small intimate dinner group.  And, big gratitude to an audience by accident:  the staff at the venues. The people that keep it all working around us and keep an eye on us – bouncers, servers, hostesses.  As I carry on in the memoir writing, there will be mention of audience.

If you have made it to this archive, and you have been in one of the audiences, I Thank You here.  Please sign into the guest book and say hello…Debye