This archive began about 5 years ago, gathering all my pics and demos into one place for sharing. All these years, my body of work  has been in private holding, and unless I personally copied my material for someone,  it lived in artistic obscurity. It is this place, 2014.  I understand that there is something powerful in gathering, collecting, and moving on…moving forward. It is with this intention – moving forward – that I create my artist statement.

Singing was not a choice, it was my grandfather’s form of relaxation, teaching me how to sing, age 3.  Listening to music was not a choice, it was the mixed genre magic that filled my house growing up. Performing was not a choice, my family offered me up to the church choir/stage, age 6. Being in a band and writing songs was a choice, predicated on the magical spells of Lennon and McCartney, John and Taupin.

Listening to and considering music allows me to grasp abstraction, which is my passion in visual art, then use it in composing.  Like Kandinsky, I connect with the spiritual in both.  I continue to write melody and lyric, representing the Allegro, Adagio and Sonata of my living.  All for which is the gift I honor and treasure, from the creator God of all things.