I have been so fortunate to have been in front of the camera of many truly talented photographers. Mostly professionals with their own studios and several self taught enthusiasts. I would say that my satisfaction with an image has never relied solely on the background of the operator. I have learned from all of the promo work I’ve done that the art is in the ability to set up the shot in a manner that truly captures the moment with the subject, as certainly it is, and only is, the moment.

This photo session was the first I had taken by students. The New England school of Photography (NESOP) has an outstanding reputation and facility. A photographer teacher friend got me in for a group shoot.

I insisted on the setting and brought my own props. The three student photographers were amused by the fact that I was a recovering 80’s rock singer. This was the one take away shot I was hoping for a casual “Let’s talk Rock” vibe. It was too chaotic to provide the art direction and be available for the camera.

I will never make that choice again. Lucky for me, my friend Dianna took up the craft, finding a photographer will never be an issue again.