The aux category in this archive covers much ground. It is worthy of an entire website on its own. Like the caddy who is just as talented a golfer as the pro, so goes the “aux”crew behind artists. How do images, recordings, media, transportation and websites get made… with crew. It has been another bit of life’s good fortune that I have had the friendship and collaborative partnership of Anne since 1970, and currently we are wrapping up a large scale multi-media art and music project.

While Anne was completing her Graphic Arts degree, she was given an assignment to build a music website, and I became the very lucky recipient of that classwork. The painting above is the center piece of this archive site’s Home Page. I had been working on an archive for about a year when she asked if she could use me (if it feels this good getting used, use me up) as the subject.  And now as we re- launch, I know it is her creative approach that helps define the environment from which I collect and convey my body of work and memoir. This site has gone through quite a few revisions and growing pains over the years, and together, we offer Debye Delorean Me-Archived

Thanks, Anne!