This track is what I refer to as “round two” writing with Alan Kerbey. We had already finalized the tunes that would be the Delorean EP but had some fresher ideas we would take into Cereus Recording and record a full length album. When we first became collborators, we went crazy with show and tell. Playing each other our favorite tunes and artists. We had a fairly extended common “likes” library, but we did turn each other onto some new music. Our biggest connection other than the Beatles and Elton John, was we were/are both sappy romantics…big time.

Now this is where it takes a big sappy turn…by this time “round two” I had fallen deeply madly in love with Alan’s brother, McFall.  He was managing the Delorean project and we developed a friendship, keeping all things proper as we were doing business together. One night, after being out of town for a month, he came in to the club we were playing at to see how our live show was progressing. When I saw him walk through the door, my heart jumped in my chest-literally-and I knew I was in deeply, madly.

Alan loved Billy Joel and I appealed to those senses musically when I showed him this tune in the raw. Lyrically it is just about a 30 year old woman falling for a man who’s got everything, I mean everything she could have ever been hoping for. The name McFall was very hard to work for this tunes chorus melody- any melody- so I used a incognito fave name to make the tune work. Adrian is code for McFall in this case.

Whether you are a woman or man, and have had the best of fortunes to know this type of “falling in love”, you will get the energy behind this song in spades. Oh yes…Happily Ever After…Adrian and I are celebrating 33 deeply madly years together as I write!

Turn it up…Enjoy! Especially the great pop vocal stylings and sing of Alan Kerbey.