We are on sacred ground here… CHURCH. Beside holding Leon Russell in the highest regards as a pianist/singer/songwriter/producer/music director, this song is for me one of the finest sentiments ever put to music. And what music it is, a Beethoven-esque sonata-love gospel, Oklahoma style. The words resonate through me, by representing a few pages from my private book of love, and they come together as a (last will and testament) grand finale in my cover to the one who owns my heart, has kept me and my heart singing all these many years; I am singing this song for you, McFall.

This tune has been performed and recorded by so many talents including Ray Charles, Whitney Houston and Herbie Hancock featuring Christina Aguilera. Thank you Alan Kerbey for producing this track and so many others at this time. It is the occasion of Father’s Day 2020 that I release my long overdue and personal take on one of the greatest songs ever composed, “A Song for You” by Leon Russell. Enjoy!