The concert party that didn’t happen for our 25th , happened on our 30th Anniversary in AZ with musicians I have known forever and who are mentioned in the archive site frequently. The genesis of the event included a change of venue, date change and a multiple change ups in the final 4 players. The challenge here was rehearsal and learning- in some cases re-learning- material. The two sets were mostly from the Delorean/Kerbey catalogue with a few covers. A big thank you to Kyle Sanford for running rehearsals and staying signed on to the event, despite all of the changes.


My bestie Susan J offered her beautiful Encanto home for the party, when the other venue fell through. We set up the stage in the back yard and had a Duck and Decanter nosh in the front courtyard. Despite the end of September evening hours it was a very hot late afternoon. We had big industrial fans blowing across the yard on either side to keep the air moving. Unfortunately most of the audio was compromised from the fan noise.

One of the big life moments for me was having the opportunity to perform my songs with singer/performer McCartney K, my Daughter. She has been singing these tunes with me since she was a little one. It was a joy. For any of you here reading this post that attended the concert party, thank you for your presence it was such a gift to present the Delorean/Kerbey body of work to you.