5 Years ago, while listening to a discussion on language and how the usage of words can be so different and unique among many communities, I came to know the idea that Eskimos have 60 words for snow.

This idea of the 60 words for snow has been highly debated among those who debate these sorts of thing. I use words but never debate why or how they came into use. When I first heard this idea, I immediately latched onto 60 words for Snow as a metaphor for Love. And there… my process began. I made at least 3 attempts over the past years at melody “starters” for the tune, but never got to a full arrangement idea until Early 2019.

I am also heavily influenced by “Silly Love Songs” these past few years as Alan and I complete our Dream-A-Month Lullaby collection. This tune will be a bonus track in that collection. The beautiful snow tree image in this post is a piece of the extraordinary fantasy-scape artwork that was created and illustrated for the lullaby booklet that accompanies the song. The lullaby project will be released in 2020, but for now, have a listen to this sweet little love song, sung in duet with Alan.