Thanks for visiting Debye Delorean – Me Archived. This site launched in 2014 as a collection of music, images and stories from my career, then and now. Many of the visuals here are old school camera shots, images that cannot be manipulated to clarity, so they stand as is on view.

There are so many talented, creative and supportive people in the mix, I hope to mention them all and cover it all, post by post. Most of the content here is taken directly from my own experiences, although I do set out to share some of my music faves as well. Performances have been limited since the “band” days however, songwriting and recording continues to be the muse I chase. It is here that you can listen to and purchase my music. With each track there is what I call “song sparking”, which is the impetus, inspiration, and back story of the tune. Included with each track is a piece of memoir. There is a guest book. I hope you will drop a note in just to let me know you were here. Thanks again for the visit… Debye Delorean. Enjoy!

Recent Archives

The Struggle Video September 2020

Enjoy the video and please read the mem-post for the backstory of this 2020 song by Delorean/Kerbey. Link to post below. Thank you for every watch and listen. Every share is deeply appreciated.

Carry A Torch

Photo by Dianna ManleyFamous Last Words... oh, how they leave their mark on the psyche. In the broadest of pictures, this is the context for this tune. A goodbye "tag line" said to a close friend of 40 plus years that has taken on a life of its own. My inner circle,...

While You Decide

To coin a familiar term, the "gateway" to the September 2018 Concert Party appears to have been a portal through which my recent songwriting productivity resurged. I began to compose and finish song ideas that had been floating around, and in some cases nagging me,...